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Money follows flow

Dear Artist, Stop making yourself ill in the pursuit of money and recognition. Everything we need is already within. God created us full! Full of everything we are chasing. And instead we create unconscious emotional blocks to tell ourselves we are working hard, we’re really trying. This is just a form of self punishment but you’ve been doing it so long you call it stress, anxiety, sickness. It comes from being out of alignment. Out of alignment with God, flow, nature. Everything you need will chase you and overtake you once you learn to flow and trust in the great abundance of God and his Universe. Artist! It’s safe for you to earn money from your art! It’s safe for you to receive mone

Is what you're focusing on making you sick?

What are you focusing on? Making money? Booking gigs? Fame? Planning the future? And how you feeling when you’re working your ass off and it’s not working out? Frustrated? Tired? Sick? You got to remember to HAVE FUN!!!! We love what we do remember?!!! But we got so caught up in deadlines, and ticking clocks, goals, ambitions, I need to get this by then and that by then so I can have and feel successful, like somebody. Nooooooooo! That’ll make you sick. It’ll crush your soul. It’ll send you back to the dark side. No one cares if you make it or if you get famous or if you make millions. But you got to care about being happy. We create internally first then that is reflected externa

What we want as artists

We put so much pressure on ourselves as artists and creatives. We want to be the best. We want to succeed. We want longevity. We want consistency. We want growth. We want the right platforms. We want recognition. We want to show the doubters - "See I did it, I’m doing it and I’m a frikkin bad ass’" We want to change our pasts and shape our futures. We want to be heralded damn it. And we’re so hard on ourselves. We’re perfectionists. We feel our souls screaming, lamenting, in turmoil when we’re not creating, not being listened to, respected or understood. We get angry when we’re overlooked. Jealous when others make the progress we want. Frightened as we grow older. We’re inc