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The Rant!

Wanting to manifest something for ages but it's just not happening? Sometimes you just have to get things off your chest. When we don't express our true feelings we store them inside and they block us from recieving so let it all out! I call this the rant! You literally let loose. Scream, cuss, get it all off your chest (obviously in a safe place where people are unlikely to hear you fear they send you to an assylum) but no really sometimes we have to do this to clear the pathways so that we can receive! Think of it as an incremental step to feeling better. It's not always easy from feeling like poo poo cacka to jumping bean, so the rant can often be the first step to getting how you really

When no work is coming in

It can be frustrating being an artist but not actually getting any bookings, jobs or commissions. Trust me I've been there. It can send you into a spiral of depression and leave you doubting your worth and abilities. Here are some quick tips to snap you out of a funk! 1. Get out in nature. Nature is powerful and grounding. Walk on some grass barefoot and send all those negative feelings away. 2. Appreciate what you do have. There's nothing like some good old gratitude to change your point of view. You may not yet have received what you want but at least you have many other things you can be grateful for. 3. Stop focusing on the lack of the thing you want. What you focus on expands. You want

How to get to the top

Dear Artist, To get to the top you have to go through a process of acclimatisation. While we’d all like to go from 0 to 100 real quick, it can have energetic and physical consequences. Our physical and energetic bodies are forever changing. Now, sometimes you may think, I'm so old, I feel like I should be here by now, or have this by now. I can handle the top! We are all on this earth for different purposes, most of the time that purpose is not revealed to us until later in life. Let me assure you you are not too old! What is too old anyway? Too old by who's standards? You are just right, just as you are. And I know you are ready for more but there really is a purpose to the way things h

Why you don't have what you want

Limited thinking blocks us from receiving what we want. If you think you can't, you can't and you won't. Limited thinking comes from past experiences, things our parents told us, things we've observed, fears and our environment. All of these factors embed themselves deep in our subconscious and become our basis for creating our lives. So what can we do to change things around if we've been trying to change our lives but things aren't happening fast enough? 1. Start hanging around people who've achieved what you want to achieve. If you don't have physical access to them, read their books, biographies, interviews, follow them on social media, learn, observe and be encouraged by them. Spending

Lady Leshurr talks mindset, success and how she deals with rejection

In this series of engaging and inspiring interviews with world class artists, creatives and entrepreneurs, Rayna Campbell of Flow Artists asks Rapper Lady Leshurr a series of questions about art, creativity and Mindset. 1. Hello LL, can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you came to be an artist/rapper? When I was six years old, I made a lyric over Sister Nancy's Bam Bam, it's a reggae track that was on my mum's voicemail. My family's always just loved music. My mum used to listen to reggae, my brother used to listen to jungle, drum and bass and my sister R n B and Hip Hop so I kind of knew and enjoyed every genre and it kind of made me want to rap, but when I saw Eminem,