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Dear Artist, what do you want?

We put so much pressure on ourselves as artists and creatives. We want to be the best. We want to succeed. We want longevity. We want consistency. We want growth. We want the right platforms. We want recognition. We want to show the doubters - See I did it, I’m doing it and I’m a star! We want to change our pasts and shape our futures. We want to be heralded damn it. And we’re so hard on ourselves. We’re perfectionists. We feel our souls screaming, lamenting, in turmoil when we’re not creating, not being listened to, respected or understood. We get angry when we’re overlooked. Jealous when others make the progress we want. Frightened as we grow older. We’re increasingly sen

Feeling the fear about your career

It’s OK to feel fear as as an artist. But it’s important not to let it stop you from creating or moving forward. We have to expose ourselves, be vulnerable, put ourselves on the line and then wait for the masses to give us their opinion and criticism. Rejection can be tiring and painful. Not getting noticed can be soul destroying. No buyers for your work can be damn right offending!!!! Thinking about the future can be frightening. It’s even worse if you don’t know what to do next. Even worse if you don’t have the right connections, representation or opportunities. This is a time when you have to go within. Ask the artist within for the answers because our souls know everything and

Where do you want your art to take you?

So what is your ultimate goal? A few years ago for me it was to walk the red carpet. I'd seen it so many times on TV and in glam mags, it looked like a fairy tale, but somehow I couldn't see how that would ever happen. At the time I didn't have the best representation and I was struggling to get work and get opportunities so getting on the red carpet seemed very unlikely. Now I have been on so many red carpets they don't really mean anything to me anymore. I don't mean I don't enjoy them, of course its fun to get dressed up and have your photo taken, meet other artists and watch a film or some theatre but it doesn't represent success to me anymore. Success for me is having the ability

What's stopping you from having the career and life of your dreams?

Your MINDSET! Everything starts within. Take a look at your life right now. All areas, financial, relationships, career, opportunties, where you live, how many holidays you take a year, the clothes you wear, your body and health. If you're unhappy with any of these areas only you have the power to change them. It all starts with the daily conversations you're having with yourself, your beliefs, how much of other people's issues and worries you take on as your own, how much you absorb what's happening around you and apply it to your own life. Artists especially can be victims of oh but the industry, oh but lack of opportunities, oh but its hard to make money! OMG you literally have to s