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10 Questions for Actress Clare-Hope Ashitey

Photo courtesy of Matt Doyle 1. Hello Clare, can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you came to be an actress? I was born and raised in Enfield, North London. There was a long list of things I wanted to be as a child – lawyer, shopkeeper, strawberry farmer – but actor was never one of them. I started going to a stage school (for fun, on Saturdays) with my sister when I was about 12 and, at the age of 17, was lucky enough to be cast in a film (Shooting Dogs) via the school’s agency. It’s been a long and winding road since then; after my first film I went back to school to finish my A Levels, then I went to uni to study Anthropology and, after graduating, did my fair share

Don't let failure deter you!

Dear Artist, So you had a goal, a plan, an opportunity. You prayed, visualised and were certain that it was on its way to you. You got happy, started celebrating even, so sure you had the keys to unlock the door that would lead to your success. You’re a master manifested, you know how to bring the good stuff in. You were ready to uplevel, you called in the opportunity but guess what? It didn’t happen!!!! You didn’t get the commission, the funding, the job, the role, the place. You didn’t get it!!!! 😭😭😭 So now you feel vex. Confused! Lost, over it! You were so sure now you don’t know what to feel. You’re looking at everyone else thinking but why is it so easy for them? How is it they

It's time to get your fierce on!

Dear Artist, Who or what exactly are you waiting for? The only permission you need is from yourself! You better do the thing. Right now! You’ll wait for ever if you wait for the stars to align, Mercury to get out of retrograde, the new moon, the right energy or motivation, the right people or commission. Don’t put your future into other peoples hands!!!! Create your art now. The world is waiting!!!! Rayna x

A question to help you discover why you're not there yet!

Dear Artist, Complete the following question. The first answer that flies into your head is usually the right one. 1) Continuing not to have the success I want allows me to.... 2) To be the success I want means I have to....... When you have the answers you can dig deeper, obliterate the reasons and excuses and move forward! Namaste! Rayna x