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If the door doesn't open for you, it's not your door!!!

Dear Artist, If I told you that a private investor was about to fully finance your film, would you be upset that Netflix just passed on it? If I told you that Stephen Spielberg was about to cast you in his new movie, would you be upset you didn’t book that series regular? Always look forwards. Start getting excited when you hear a no! You’re one step closer to a yes! One step closer to success. So don’t get upset, frustrated or depressed, keep the positivity up!!! Need help calling some good stuff in? Why not choose one of my coaching packages. Click this link for details. Let's take 2019 by storm!!! Rayna x

Stop comparing yourself to other artists!!!!

Dear Artist, Never do this! I don’t care whether they’re the same age as you, younger, look like you, from the same town or background, making money, gracing the press or collecting awards, the time and energy you spend watching their every move and lamenting over their success is energy stolen from your own creativity. Plus it never feels good right? When I was a child I of course loved watching TV and my dad would say “have you done your homework yet” “Not yet” I’d say “I want to watch TV” and he’d say “Those actors have already been paid, you haven’t so get to it” 😳😂 That really stuck with me so I have a great work ethic now and it’s easy for me to keep my eyes on my own path but I k

One day Mini Retreat - It's Your Time to Shine - For Artists, Creatives and Business Owners - Sa

How was your 2018? Did you achieve the goals you set out to do? Did you make great progress? Are you happy with where you are currently? Are you looking forward to 2019 with absolute confidence? As artists, creatives and business owners we NEED to express ourselves through our art otherwise we are prone to frustration, depression and malaise. Leaving your life to chance by hoping the New Year brings something better or waiting for your luck to change is not proactive. Hoping for change without implementing any factors for change will not give you the progress you want to make - you'll just spend another year trying to make it happen and being frustrated with the lack of results. Results you

Are you ready to hit the big time?

Dear Artist, Great success brings haters! Are you ready and equipped to deal with this? Sometimes we’re wondering when our time will come but there’s great mindset work to do before you uplevel to the next level because new levels bring new devils and if you’re not ready you can easily find yourself shifting back into your old reality! How will you react to bad reviews, jealous friends, unfair pay, being shunned, people stealing from you? And the bigger your audience the more opinions about you and your work you’ll receive. So check in. Are you ready for the level of exposure you’re asking for? If you're ready to hit the big time and you'd like my help to get you there. Check out my

10 Questions for artist Alex Echo

1. Hello can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you came to be an artist? As a child of divorce, abandonment, physical, mental and sexual abuse in the early sixties I was always in trouble. One day at age 6 I was particularly bad and was sent to the headmasters office. He sat me down, and in order to shut me up and keep me still he gave me a pad of paper and a pen and said, "draw something". I did. Two days later I saw my drawing on the cover of the school play brochure. The head master came up to me, patted me on the shoulder and said "well done". That pat on the back and the two words "well done" were the first time in my young lifeless life that I received praise f