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The importance of mentorship

Today is the start of The Career Reboot programme for Artists and Creatives. A 12 week programme I created for professional artists who want to take their careers up a notch or two! I am so excited about this journey and the artists involved. Sure it'll be intense, difficult at times, challenging and joyous but as we climb higher as beings towards what we want the path is not straight forward. Remember that!

How to deal with haters and negative critics

Not too long ago I received a very unkind comment on one of my social media posts pertaining to one of the courses I was promoting. In the past I would have let this derail me. I would have focused on that comment wondering why I had attracted that. I would have responded to the comment and tried to reason or even persuade the critic to see my point of view, but you know that would have just been a waste of my energy and focus. When you become more visible as an artist, you can expect that the negative Nancy's will come out to play. They'll always be someone who doesn't think you're amazing, things you're fake, thinks you don't deserve to be where you are or even just wants to make a horrend

Why you get what you don't care about

Dear Artist, We always get those gigs we don’t really care about, or the ones we didn’t think we did a good job of or even the ones we forgot about. Why? Because there is no resistance between what we want and what we’ve asked for. See everything is energy even the things we’re manifesting so if you’re focusing on something but have thoughts like “I really want/need/have to have this” Is that the energy of having something or not having it? Best to manifest from a place of I already have and then leave it to ruminate but if you find yourself obsessing over whether you’re gonna get the job/gig/funding get get get your focus right onto something else that lights you up and right off the thi

Your income is related to your self worth!

Dear Artist, Your income reflects your self worth. It’s a direct reflection of what you’re willing to receive, so how’s your receiving capacity doing? And I’m not talking about self esteem because we all feel great about a piece of art we create or a new item of clothing that makes us feel a million dollars but if you’ve been trying and trying to attract an audience, more clients, the bigger jobs and it’s just not happening, it may be time to dig deeper and see how your self worth is doing in there. Want me to help you expand your receiving capacity and increase your self worth? The Career Reboot is now open. We start 28th January! Check out this link for more details Rayna x

Happy New Year

Happy Happy New Year! May this be the year that you really step into and have your dream career and life. You're just a choice away! Rayna x