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The importance of allowing

Allowing is one of the MOST IMPORTANT components in successful manifesting but boy is it the hardest. We make it hard because we get SO FIXATED on the thing we want or how it should show up. This is actually a sure way to invite in disappointment and frustration, so here are some things to consider: 1) What if while you were so adamant that you wanted a specific thing that you blocked something else you could have that was even better than what you were wanting? (True story!!!!) 2) What if there was a right time and a right place for everything and that timing and place was perfect? (Another true story!!!) 3) What if your imagination was limited and if you let go, allowed yourself to receive

Be careful what you wish for!

Dear Artist, It might have been sometime last year or even what felt like an ongoing request - but at some point you asked for change. For things to be better. To go to the next level. And you were waiting for all these amazing opportunities but instead you’ve received a series of unrelenting challenges that you definitely do not think would be going on this long. These challenges have been hard, tough, pushed you past your limits, broken your soul, let up then hit you hard again. You’re done, can’t take no more, wonder why no one else seems to be suffering but remember you asked for this. This is refining you, building you up, preparing you for greatness. You’re going to help someone else

Love yourself

Valentine's day is looming! For some of you you might be like - "Ugh, so what?!" Others may be looking forward to exchanging gifts with your significant other on the day. The most important relationship we have however is with ourselves. If you don't love yourself, it's very difficult to receive and receiving is the key to successful manifesting! Self love means paying attention to your needs and honouring them. Eat better, sleep more, exercise enough, healthy self talk, receiving compliments with grace! Self love means knowing that you are worthy and deserving of all that is good. If you find the idea of self love irksome - ask yourself why that is? Try and do one loving thing for yourself

What to do with challenging situations

Don’t despair when challenges or setbacks arise. Look for the gift, the lesson, the awareness. Challenges mean you’re ready to grow and move on up. Challenges make us better! Challenges prepare us for the next level! Challenges make us stronger! Challenges help us to create great art! Ask - What is the gift in this situation? Because there always is one. Use the answer to propel you forward. x