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Hang out with people who are doing what you want to do!

Why? 1) It's inspiring and magnetic. When you hang out with someone who is doing what you want to do you feel into their energy, their thoughts and feelings and you start to adopt the same. 2) They're a great source of advice. You don't want to take advice from on lookers who have not done what you want to do. Most likely you'll get their limited points of view. Always seek wise counsel!!!! People doing what you want to do will have a plethora of advice and information to help you on your way. 3) When you feel like it's impossible for you just watch them. They may be active on social media or you may know them personally, sometimes we need to watch someone winning at what we want to do to gi

Satisfy your craving for creativity interview series

Don't forget you can check out my interview with Amanda Schmidt of Snappy New Day Art by signing up via the link below. We're discussing how finding time for creativity in our busy lives can boost our well being. Do you spend hours pinning arts and crafts projects that NEVER get started? Were you the artistic or crafty one as a kid, but got too busy ADULTING to make time for making things? Or maybe you have ALWAYS wanted to try something artsy, but have NO IDEA where to start? Could you use a little inspiration? Want to discover your OWN expressive and creative outlet? If you’re ready to find out more about how to inject color and creativity into your off time, then listen up! SATISFY YOUR C


I can't stress to you enough the importance of daily gratitude. If you're not keeping a daily account of all you are grateful for, you are missing out on some serious opportunities to keep the good stuff flowing in your life. When I look back through my journal I see that everything I express gratitude for keeps flowing and growing. You can start with a journal and writing down 10 things you are grateful for each morning. Not only does it keep it flowing in but it keeps you focused on all the other amazing stuff in your life. You can also express gratitude for things you want that you don't yet have but write it as if you already have them. Another powerful manifesting technique!!!! Enjoy x


Procrastination is either two things: 1) Fear that what you want won't happen so subconsciously you procrastinate as a way to protect yourself. 2) Overwhelm at the task at hand so you procrastinate to save yourself pain. To remedy this ask "Why am I not doing (The thing you have to do) is it fear or overwhelm? Allow yourself to feel the answer. If it's fear you need to console yourself - Start by saying - "It's safe for me to (do this task) repeat it over and over and feel it into your body until you begin to relax. Here's an example - You're an actress with a ton of lines to learn but you're not doing it because subconsciously you think - "Gah I'm not gonna get this role anyway so....." Say

Satisfy your craving for creativity

I was recently interviewed by Amanda Schmidt of Snappy New Day Art on her podcast for a new series she 's hosting 'Satisfy your craving for creativity'. This is for everyone who never has time to explore the creativity within. We spoke about how making time to be creative has positive effects on our well being and you can catch the interview with myself and a host of other creatives by signing up using the link at the bottom of this email. In our busy, jam packed lives, we all love our free time, don’t we? We look forward to it all day or all week, RIGHT? But be honest… When was the last time your free time involved something BESIDES vegging on the couch, watching Netflix, and mindlessly sc

How to add miracles into your life

Dear Artist, Today is a new day full of possibilities. You don’t know what the day has in store for you, so make it count! What would you invite into your life if you woke up every morning and asked - What miracles will I receive today? Try it for the next 28 days and watch the magic unfold. Rayna x