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My favourite books on manifesting

Looking for some reading inspiration? Want to become a manifesting machine? Here are some of my favourite books on manifesting!!!! 1) The Game of Life and How to Play it - By Florence Scovel-Shinn 2) The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - by Joseph Murphy 3) Excuse me Your Life is Waiting - By Lynn Grabhorne 4) Lucky Bitch - By Denise Duffield Thomas 5) The Universe has your back - By Gabrielle Bernstein 6) Cosmic Ordering - By Barbel Mohr 7) Ask and it is Given - By Ester Hicks 8) The Power of I am - By Joel Osteen 9) The Power - By Rhonda Byrne 10) E Squared - By Pam Grout All books available on Amazon x 4)

Surround yourself with your vision

Our environments have a very profound impact on our well being. A clean and tidy house always feels lighter and more relaxing than a dirty and cluttered one. Also the objects and images we place in our house can subconsciously take us towards or away from our vision. Fill your home with items that make you feel amazing! My favourite things are luxury candles - think Jo Malone, Diptique, Neom, diffusers, incense, bunches of flowers, aromatherapy burners and fresh fruit. All of these items help me to continually feel abundant and relaxed. I am still in the process of decorating our cottage but I have some of my wedding pictures up and a photo of me when I won an award for my acting! I've seen

Watch your words

Sometimes I coach clients and we'll have a really lovely, positive session. I'll clear all their blocks and set them on the path to manifesting but then I might notice that they are posting negative stuff on social media. Stuff that goes against what we have cleared in our sessions. If you're manifesting a career as an actress but then posting about how working class or black actors or female actors never make it, that kinda goes against our work. Now yes if we look at society we can see that those demographic groups get a rough deal, but my work is not focused on that because focusing on that won't get us where we want to go! I have given interviews on diversity, I acknowledge the problem b

Why you may not be getting what you want!

Isn't it the worst when you have wanting something for YEARS!!! and it still hasn't shown up?!!!! If that's you, here's some reasons why! 1) You don't believe you deserve it! If subconsciously you don't believe you deserve to have the thing or that you're not good enough, it won't come. Really check yourself for this one because it's a common one! How do you feel when you think about the real possibility of having it? Look past the initial "I want it" and dig deeper. Do you believe it's really possible for you? 2) You're not in the alignment of having it. Similar to the above, if you are wanting it but have thoughts like "It's not likely to happen" "Everyone else is doing well but me" 'Just

Signs of the land!

One of my favourite metaphysical teachers is Florence Scovel-Shinn. She is the author of a book called The Game of Life and how to Play it! If you haven't read this gem of a book on manifesting I implore you to read it. One of the things she talks about in the book is looking out for signs of the land when manifesting. Signs of the land are little pointers that show up to let you know you're on course to receiving your desires. I'll give you an example from my own life. I had auditioned for a BBC drama that was being filmed in South Africa. I was in the queue a few days later at the supermarket and the two women in front of me were discussing a trip they were preparing for to guess where? Ye