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Tick tock.....

Just a friendly reminder that the cart for the Career reboot closes tonight at Midnight. 12 weeks, 28 Assignments, A personal 1 to 1 session with me, 12 live calls to reveal and delete anything holding you back, A group of professional artists, An accountability partner, The results and clarity you need to achieve the career success you deserve! Once you join you have lifetime access to the course so you can repeat the course as many times as you need. Mindset work accounts for 80% of your success as an artist. Energy is powerful and energy is everywhere. When your energy is congruent with what you want to achieve, you'll start manifesting phenomenal results. Here's the link to join us www.f

Why exercise helps manifesting

Exercising is essential to our well being. Find the exercise that suits you, your lifestyle and body. So that could be yoga, speed walking, cardio, weights or long distance running. Now when it comes to manifesting it helps when we have energy flowing round our bodies. Exercise ensures any stuck or stagnant energy we have is shifted, that's why we always feel better after exercising. If you don't currently have an exercise routine - maybe you're super busy or physically impaired. Think about ways you can move your body every day. Can you speed walk on your way to the grocery store? Can you lift gentle weights while watching TV? Anything is better than nothing and when you feel good you attra

I booked three jobs this week!

A lot pf people think doing mindset work means that you have to be constantly happy. I booked three jobs this week after having two weeks of poo poo. I had a cold, I was exhausted, and the detoxing from eating raw was uncomfortable at times. Because I’m a master at mindset work I know not to fall back into my old energetic ways but to use negative circumstances and feelings to propel me closer to what I want to happen. I remember I’d always ask people "please can you ask so and so to see me, read my work, put a word in for me". I’d get the meetings and appointments but nothing would every transpire. I had doubts about the quality of my work, tinged with projecting – "I know nothing will co

Self tapes and green cards

So I spend quite a lot of time preparing scripts for self tapes. My agent probably sends me roughly 5 a week. All sorts of projects. Its getting fairly common to audition this way and so I thought I’d better expand into the energy of embracing and loving them. I found, however that I wasn’t booking anything and so I soon formed this point of view 'I never book jobs from self tapes'. Last autumn my agent then sent me one for a popular Netflix Show that is filmed in the US and I heard myself thinking – "Oh hell no, there is no way that they will pick me from London to go and do that in the US when they have a ton of actresses in the US already". When I realised my thoughts I was like – "Whoa

How to use words to get what you want

Wow! May is here! I don’t know about you but I feel like this year is flying by- real fast! So fellow artist, how has your year been so far? At the beginning of this year I chose three key words to focus on. If you follow me on social media you may have seen my post on this earlier this year. If you didn’t here is a quick recap... I choose three words at the beginning of each year. These are words I want to infuse my energy with and expand into. I chose HEALTH as my first word. 2017 was not the best year for me health wise. I worked a lot and stressed myself out worrying about things that were outside of my control, as a result I ended up with stomach ulcers, acid reflux and unable to work f