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Write it down, watch it manifest!

Writing things down is an incredible way of bringing things to life! When my husband and I were looking for a new house we made a list of qualities we were looking for in the property. Four weeks later we found it! We have used this method to manifest all of our homes. See the thing you desire in your minds eye and then write it down as though you already have it. Use the present tense! Writing it down daily builds momentum and as your write and dream you'll be amazed by what transpires. Why not have a go? Think about something you'd like to manifest, grab a journal and write about having the thing as though its already a done deal. Keep this up daily and see what happens....

Everything we want we already have

You can actually make yourself sick if you are constantly worrying about how to get what you want, how long it's going to take, why it hasn't happened yet and if it's ever going to happen. Everything you are looking for - security, love, respect, fulfilment is within. When you go outside of yourself to look for these things you actually put yourself out of alignment. You are already brilliant and magnificent! You are already loved and cherished. You are already complete! Once you acknowledge this, everything you desire will show up with ease.

Remember to have fun

In the pursuit of your career - remember to have fun! remember the joy of your craft. We can be so focused on getting, having, achieving that we forget the joy of the thing. Bring enjoyment of your craft back into the mix. It's infectious!


It's ok to feel fear, its completely natural but we can't let it stop us from moving forward and progressing. Being an artist means being vulnerable, exposed and receiving rejection from time to time, however rather than letting this get us down and hindering us, we need to use these feelings and emotions to charge and infuse our work and projects. Make the best of everything that comes your way, however you perceive it, it'll make you an even greater artist!