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Setting Intentions

One of my favourite things to do at the beginning of every week is to set three intentions so they might be things like: This week my intentions are to: 1) Exercise daily 2) Eat fresh fruit and veg daily 3) Write 10 pages of my screenplay. And at the end of every week 9 times out of ten I get everything done or if I've set an intention for a meeting to go amazingly well, it always does. Writing things down makes magic happen! What three intentions can you set for yourself to achieve this week? Write them down and make them happen. x

Stay in your lane!

It is so easy to look at other people in your industry and feel that they are doing better than you. Maybe you feel that they are being given more opportunities, more recognition, more exposure, more money. Take your eyes off the competition and focus on you!!! You are unique and your art deserves the fullest attention. We are all on different timelines here. One way doesn't suit all - who came up with the universal measuring stick anyway! That stick only exists if you want it to. I got married in my 30's, by that time most of my school buddies had been married for years and had families of their own. There was never any point that I felt pressure to follow suit. I decided that after Univers

Step into future you now

Who do you want to be? What does the future version of you look like? Step into that version of you and be that now!!! We only have the present moment in which to create our reality so we always create in the present tense!!! I often get my clients to watch what they say after the words 'I am'. I am is the point of creation. Whatever you don't have in your life that you want, start creating it by stating - I am, I have etc etc Easier said than done if your circumstances are less than favourable and have been for a while, or if your mind just won't cooperate with you! Resistance can appear in the form of limiting beliefs, negative feelings or memories. You have to clear these limitations befo

IGTV and working with me

I finally set up my instagram TV channel and I'm having a blast! Every day I post a little video (around 3 minutes) to help guide and motivate my artist crew! Are you on Instagram? My insta handle is @flow_coaching_for_artists - would love you to join the party! While I was launching the last round of my programme The Career Reboot a few artists expressed interest in joining the course but it wasn't the right time for them financially or timing wise and wanted to know when I would be running my programme again. So here we go: The next dates for the Career Reboot are 7th October 2019 3rd February 2020 I always promote the courses a few weeks before the start dates so if you have been wanting

Mindset work to reach your goals

Mindset accounts for 80% of your success. Rewiring your mindset to align you with your goals is essential for seeing progress in your career. You have to work on your mindset DAILY! I notice whenever I don't work on my mindset things start to slow right down. Mindset work is a part of my daily routine, even more important than brushing my teeth. It sets me up for the day, aligns me to my goals, attracts amazing opportunities and people, builds up my confidence and dissolves my fears and inadequacies. If you're not working on your mindset daily I implore you to start and if you're inconsistent with it, know that your results will be inconsistent. Make a commitment to start over today and watc