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What are you waiting for?

We are creatives! Sometimes we are here waiting for other people to choose us, fund us, motivate us and give us permission. Don't leave your future in other people's hands! Start creating your art now! Get together with other like minded artists and make it happen! The world is waiting!!!!


It's the 31st December and you're looking back over the year at all you have achieved! What achievements bring you the most joy? Ok, prioritise that, set goals, break them down into monthly, weekly and daily tasks. Make it happen! I do this exercise often to keep my tush in the fast lane! One of the things I had down was spend more time on my writing. I thought at the end of this year I want to be able to say I finished my play, that would make me feel really good and like I have accomplished something! Well now that play is going up as part of a showcase of New Writing at The Critereon Theatre in London's West End on the 1st November! I am so excited and feel like I can tick that off my lis

On rejection

All of us face rejection. It's part and parcel of being an artist but if you've been experiencing a lot of it it can eventually take its toll and leave us feeling doubtful about our abilities and our future. Turn rejection around and have it work in your favour. 1) How could you have done better? There is always room for improvement. 2) Do you need to enroll in a class or on a course to sharpen your skills? 3) Are you aligned with what you want to do? Check in, do you still love what you are doing or is it time for a change? The other thing to know is that rejection can often be our saving grace leaving us space for something better to come to us. Earlier this year I auditioned for a West En

A question on success

Without thinking or trying to manipulate the answer, finish the sentance below. Write the first things that fly into your head. Continuing not to have the success that I want allows me to........ Sometimes we have to dig a little deeper to uncover our blocks and go to the next level! After you have written down your answers, ask yourself if they are really true. Often we have limitations in place holding us back from the success we desire. Explore your answers, see what comes up for you. Remember, if you need help getting unstuck, I'm a whizz and deleting energetic and subconscious blocks. I have one hour sessions this summer for £99. If you'd love one just drop me a line at info@flowcoachin