Money follows flow

October 21, 2017

Dear Artist,



Stop making yourself ill in the pursuit of money and recognition.

Everything we need is already within.
God created us full!
Full of everything we are chasing.

And instead we create unconscious emotional blocks to tell ourselves we are working hard, we’re really trying.
This is just a form of self punishment but you’ve been doing it so long you call it stress, anxiety, sickness.
It comes from being out of alignment. Out of alignment with God, flow, nature.

Everything you need will chase you and overtake you once you learn to flow and trust in the great abundance of God and his Universe.

Artist! It’s safe for you to earn money from your art!
It’s safe for you to receive money easily.
It’s safe for you to be brilliant.
It’s safe for you not to get stressed about money.
It’s safe for you not to get stressed about recognition.
It’s safe for you not to get ill about creating.

Pick one of the mantras above you relate to and feel the release and relief of tension as you say it.

Now is your time to rise!




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