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5 perfect side jobs for artists

Creating art takes time and commitment. But how do you find time to create if you have bills to pay? Here are five jobs that you could do to bring in some cash and still have time to create.

1. Promotion Work

If you have a gregarious personality, promotional work may be the answer. Sign up with several agencies at once to ensure a steady flow of work. The pay is great, some agencies pay better than others. Always say yes to every job they swing your way first then they'll start considering you for the big paying jobs. The work is generally fun and easy and of course allows you lots of free time to focus on your art.

2. Temping work

Get in with the right temping agency and you can get reasonable pay, pick up last minute jobs and turn down jobs last minute if art comes a calling. Reception and switchboard work is normally simple and pretty straightforward. Best to join at least two agencies that have lots of bookings for best results.

3. Theatre Usher

Easy and fun plus you get to see great plays. It's usually evening work and short shifts, leaving you time to focus on your art during the day.

4. Private members clubs

Keep it classy by working at a private members club. You could work as a hostess, bar tender, cocktail waitress or receptionist. You'll meet fabulous people and the tips are fantastic!

5. Teaching

Teach what you know! Start a class locally and advertise your skills. There are always people who can benefit from what you know. Think about teaching adults, babies, young children or over 65's. Advertise locally or in trade press. Host it whenever is convenient for you, evenings, weekends, leaving you time to focus on your own art.