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What's stopping you from having the career and life of your dreams?

Your MINDSET! Everything starts within. Take a look at your life right now. All areas, financial, relationships, career, opportunties, where you live, how many holidays you take a year, the clothes you wear, your body and health. If you're unhappy with any of these areas only you have the power to change them. It all starts with the daily conversations you're having with yourself, your beliefs, how much of other people's issues and worries you take on as your own, how much you absorb what's happening around you and apply it to your own life. Artists especially can be victims of oh but the industry, oh but lack of opportunities, oh but its hard to make money! OMG you literally have to stop saying this to yourselves, turn the kettle off, put the tea cups away and stop the gatherings of lamenting about how awful thinsg are because you'll only perpetuate more of the same. The thing about us artists is we are creators, therefore we should be the most powerful manifestors on the planet! Forget oh the industry won't let me in, I don't think there's a place for me. Create you're own frikkin industry. I wanted to make a feature film and no one would give me the time of day. I hadn't been to film school or made a short. Everyone advised make a short first, that's the proper thing to do. I thought I don't want to make a short, I want to make a feature and I'm going to make a feature any which way. So I made it happen and then they took notice. That film we made on a teeny weeny budget with half the cast and crew comprised of family and friends - ended up travelling to more places than I have physically been. That film has real spirit, I wanna say the spirit of the film is almost arrogant. She now lives in the US - being looked after by a film distributor - she doesn't even have time for me anymore. Change your mindset! Change your life!