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Where do you want your art to take you?

So what is your ultimate goal? A few years ago for me it was to walk the red carpet. I'd seen it so many times on TV and in glam mags, it looked like a fairy tale, but somehow I couldn't see how that would ever happen. At the time I didn't have the best representation and I was struggling to get work and get opportunities so getting on the red carpet seemed very unlikely. Now I have been on so many red carpets they don't really mean anything to me anymore. I don't mean I don't enjoy them, of course its fun to get dressed up and have your photo taken, meet other artists and watch a film or some theatre but it doesn't represent success to me anymore. Success for me is having the ability to create art everyday from your soul and guts. It's allowing yourself and your work to be raw and vulnerable and not giving two hoots what anyone else says. Its about creating regardless of pay and ironically its about getting paid the correct value of your work. Its about taking risks, not being afraid to fail, fall flat on your face, look stupid, but having the strength and courage to get up and start again. It's following your flow, passion and the voice within. So how did I get to walk the red carpet anyway? I just uplevelled my energy and decided that is what I was going to have!!!! It was very easy and once you have it you can choose to have it whenever you want. It all starts within.