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Dear Artist, what do you want?

We put so much pressure on ourselves as artists and creatives. We want to be the best. We want to succeed. We want longevity. We want consistency. We want growth. We want the right platforms. We want recognition. We want to show the doubters - See I did it, I’m doing it and I’m a star! We want to change our pasts and shape our futures. We want to be heralded damn it. And we’re so hard on ourselves. We’re perfectionists. We feel our souls screaming, lamenting, in turmoil when we’re not creating, not being listened to, respected or understood. We get angry when we’re overlooked. Jealous when others make the progress we want. Frightened as we grow older. We’re increasingly sensitive, emotional, living on the edge, a chaotic time bomb of suppressed emotions. Rather than waste energy on what you have not yet achieved, channel all your energy into being what you want to be/do/have.

Set an intention right now to have an amazing and miraculous week.

Finally if you're in London this Sunday 30th September - my debut feature film Lapse of Honour is screening at The Olympic Studios Cinema in Barnes at 13.30pm as part of the Barnes Film Festival. I'll be introducing the film before racing over to hand out the awards for the short film competition.

Tickets for Lapse of Honour are £6 and are available from