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Remember to have fun

What are you focusing on? Making money? Booking gigs? Fame? Planning the future? And how you feeling when you’re working your ass off and it’s not working out? Frustrated? Tired? Sick? You got to remember to HAVE FUN!!!! We love what we do remember?!!! But we got so caught up in deadlines, and ticking clocks, goals, ambitions, I need to get this by then and that by then so I can have and feel successful, like somebody. Nooooooooo! That’ll make you sick. It’ll crush your soul. It’ll send you back to the dark side. No one cares if you make it or if you get famous or if you make millions. But you got to care about being happy. We create internally first then that is reflected externally. So create fun, joy, flow, ease. Always remember the day you decided to take your art seriously. How excited were you? Don’t lose that trying to be perfect, or trying to reach your ambitious goals. Make like a child and get all playful again. Take the seriousness out of everything and trust God and be easy and flowwwwwwww.

Rayna x