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Making Your Dreams A Reality

Today is the official launch of the course I have created for Artists and Creatives - 21 Day Mindset Rebooting.

This is an 8 week course that cleans up your physical, spiritual and emotional baggage, obliterates your blocks and negative thinking patterns, teaches you how to align your mindset to success, create money on a consistent basis from your art/business and learn tips and processes you can incorporate to manifest what you want with speed and ease.

It's a course that I have created for myself because I at one time was a frustrated artist, wondering when my luck would change, when my representation would take me seriously, when someone would say yes, when my applications would be accepted, when I would start to make real money, when my results would be consistent and not sporadic.

I knew I had talent. I knew I could do whatever was asked but I was just not getting the opportunities and when I was the answer was nearly or close or a straight up no.

As I got older I freaked out about my future, how would I survive? I'd read books, spent money on courses, prayed and chanted but nothing was shifting. I was positive and believed in myself but I was only getting so far. I decided I was going to figure this out and when I found out the answers I was going to make them available to other artists because I could not be the only one feeling this way et voila! Making Your Dreams a Reality was born.

This course is designed for Artists and Creatives who have made some traction but know they have way more potential. The assignments take around ten minutes a day but will have a significant impact on your life. Past participants have commented that the course is 'heavy duty, goes deep, unlike any course they have done before'

I do healing sessions in the course that help get to the core of your blocks and this time we'll be going even deeper.

Are you ready to uplevel?

Sign up here. Early Bird pricing ends Midnight 21st October 2018