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Why your mindset matters

I am getting ready to film on a new series for Amazon TV this week - The Feed, I was finishing a voiceover session at Shepperton Studios when my agent told me about the role. The week before I was working on a project for a International company, screening my film at The Barnes Film Festival, judging the short film competition, and attending the opening of another film I was in at The Delfina Foundation in Central London. The week before it was the screening of another film I starred in Central London, filming a Christmas commercial for the United States, an episode of a show I was in on Sky 1 premiered, interviews for an online magazine and another voiceover session. I could go on and on, this is what it's been like since the end of Spring and I am enjoying every moment of it. Everyone says 'Rayna you're so lucky' and I always say to them, it's not luck, it's mindset!

When I work on my mindset, the work and opportunities flow in abundance, the deeper I work on my mindset the more consistency I actualise. And when I don't work on my mind, I definately noticce the difference, the jobs slow down, money slows down, and the yeses turn into pencils, maybes or no's.

This year I decided I wanted a whole lot more of the good stuff and I wanted it in spades. If other people could have it so could I. All I had to do was get my mind right, obliterate my blocks and fears and step into the version of myself I wanted to be.

I also decided that its time to launch Round three of my course for Artists again Flow. But this time I've changed the name to name of the course to reflect exactly what it is - Making Your Dreams a Reality - 21 Day Mindset Rebooting course for Artists and Creatives. I'm so excited about this round because I've really turned up the heat and potency on the content. I've been testing out some new and old methods that when I apply them always produce speedy manifestations - I've added in new assignments, added to current assignments and thrown in some new bonuses. This course is for Artists and Creatives who are ready to transform their careers and start attracting amazing people, opportunities and money on a consistent basis!

We start launching the new round next Monday, but you can take a peek here if you want to get a head start

In the meantime have a great week and remember you're life is a reflection of your inner most thoughts, beliefs and points of view - so choose the thoughts you want to see showing up in your life!

Rayna x