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What's stopping you?

An artist contacted me yesterday. "Rayna, I really want to do your course, it sounds amazing but I am scared!

I asked her what she was scared of

she replied "I'm scared of signing up for the course and it not working, I'm scared of the intensity of the course because knowing you I know we're going to go deep"

So I asked her what her dream was for her career,

she replied "I'm doing well but I need to make money, serious money. I want to buy a house because I'm sick of renting and my art, I want to go bigger man, I'm doing well but I want it all!

So I asked her which fear was greater - continuing to produce great work but not getting enough income from it to put a deposit down on a house, always receiving the same level of opportunities without climbing the ladder to the heights she knew she was capable of and facing the future feeling that she had never achieved her full potential or signing up to a course - of which there is nothing like it for Artists and Creatives - and working on the very thing that is responsible for determining how much we receive in life, materially, spiritually and emotionally, working with a kick ass coach who had a natural gift for reading and seeing people's energy blocks, removing them and teaching concepts in a way that finally click and make sense in your life.

She laughed.

She said I know the course is going to be great but the money. How can I justify spending that much money on a course.

I answered, the course is 8 weeks and packed with so many gems at the end of the course not only will you know it was money well spent, you'll wonder why I wasn't charging more for it. Furthermore if you chose to do the course the money you desire will materialise - by choosing not to do the course you may just be holding yourself back from having the very thing you want. I added that I have a great money assignment which is super powerful, all the artists that do that assignment manifest more money, work and opportunities, plus I have two different payment plan options.

"Say no more" she said and she signed up!

Trust me. I know what it is like to have real fear as an artist, especially when things haven't been going your way. You get angry, bitter or resentful. disillusioned or extremely sceptical. I've been there. I've wasted money on crap courses that promised me one thing and delivered something else and one day I decided no more. I'm way too intelligent and clever to be living this feast and famine life and I don't have money to waste. I'm too talented to go unnoticed, I should be shining bright and earning big money to go with it!

I care about artists because I'm an artist myself. I'm friends with artists who are famous, artists who are well known and artists who are struggling and one thing we all have in common is that we love what we do and we just want the opportunity to be able to do it as often as we want on bigger platforms and to be rewarded for it. That's why I created Making your Dreams A Reality - 21 Day Mindset Rebooting Course for Artists and Creatives, it cuts out the crap and gets down to the tools and processes that will get you results, fast!

Sign up here and catch the early bird pricing before it ends on Midnight 21st October 2018