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Where will your career be in 6 months time?

At the beginning of every year I used to say this is it! This is my year!!! I'd have all these hopes and dreams of all the wonderful things I was going to achieve and by New Years Eve of the same year I'd be so fed up! I hadn't achieved hardly half of wanted to do, every project I tried to get off the ground was either getting rejected, or taking so long to go through development. I'd be rejected for funding and before you knew it the year was out. I felt like I was doing everything I could think of but my career was stagnant. As an artist there is nothing more frustrating/ You want to get your work made and shown to as many people as possible but if you can't get anyone to take on your project how can you get anywhere and if you decide to create and produce your own stuff, you still need some money to get that going.

Fast forward today and I near have to slow down. I've spent the summer perusing through distribution deals and invitations to showcase my projects, been invited to develop TV shows for one of the main TV channels here in the UK and am just waiting to hear back from a rather prestigious independent cinema about programming and scheduling one of my films. These days I pick and choose what I want to go, there was a time where the offer of developing something for TV would have me jumping for joy, yet I'm more excited by the prospect of developing another crazy idea I have and putting it out online just because I'll have more creative control! Hee hee And I can pick and choose because I have a steady income from other strands of my art work which allows me to create what I want.

I now know that when I set myself goals for 6 or 12 months time, big things start happening rather than nothing shifting all because I know that my mindset matters and I know how to manipulate the energy around me.

I'm so excited to be taking a group of Brilliant Artists through my course. These artists are professional artists just like myself who've had success but are ready for more, we also have some who are ready to go from invisible, stagnant and frustrated to visible, high profile and money making.

Join us - we'd love to have you!

Don't let another 6 months go by hoping things change or blaming it on the fact that the industry is slow or they're not spending money or the economy because none of that matters, only your mindset does.

We kick off on the 29th October and it's gonna be dynamite!!!!

Here's the link to join us