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Don't let failure deter you!

Dear Artist,

So you had a goal, a plan, an opportunity. You prayed, visualised and were certain that it was on its way to you. You got happy, started celebrating even, so sure you had the keys to unlock the door that would lead to your success. You’re a master manifested, you know how to bring the good stuff in. You were ready to uplevel, you called in the opportunity but guess what? It didn’t happen!!!! You didn’t get the commission, the funding, the job, the role, the place. You didn’t get it!!!! 😭😭😭 So now you feel vex. Confused! Lost, over it! You were so sure now you don’t know what to feel. You’re looking at everyone else thinking but why is it so easy for them? How is it they get what they want on command?!!!!! Dear Artist, Let me tell you. Sometimes when we plan, God laughs. He has a better plan. I knowwwww you feel and believe the timing and the execution of your plan was going to be perfect but God’s plans are ALWAYS more mind blowing. Don’t waste energy wondering why things didn’t pan out the way they ought, forget your deadlines and timelines. You need to TRUST the process right now. Trust that something better is coming and that a no is a big a blessing as a yes!!!! So get back on the horse 🐎 Get excited. Stay focused! Or focus on something else that makes you buzz. You will get what you want. Just trust the bigger process.

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