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One day Mini Retreat - It's Your Time to Shine - For Artists, Creatives and Business Owners - Sa

How was your 2018?

Did you achieve the goals you set out to do? Did you make great progress? Are you happy with where you are currently? Are you looking forward to 2019 with absolute confidence?

As artists, creatives and business owners we NEED to express ourselves through our art otherwise we are prone to frustration, depression and malaise.

Leaving your life to chance by hoping the New Year brings something better or waiting for your luck to change is not proactive.

Hoping for change without implementing any factors for change will not give you the progress you want to make - you'll just spend another year trying to make it happen and being frustrated with the lack of results. Results you know you are capable of achieving. Results you know you deserve.

So I'm hosting a one day mini retreat at my cottage in Herts, just north of London and I'd LOVE you to be there!

I am going to be using the day to transform your lives and future!


I'm going to remove all the blocks and limitations that are holding you back!

I'm going to teach you potent and easy tools that you can use to align and magnetise you to success!

I'm going to feed you with the most delicious food!

We are going to do hands on healing sessions to open you up to receiving abundance.

We are going to work with nature to supercharge our energy!

I am only working with ten artists because I am going to be working intensely with each individual! No one is leaving the same way they came in!!!!


I only have FOUR spaces left!!!!!

So if you want a space be quick!

The price is only £99 for this amazing day!

But it goes up to £129 on 14th December 2018.

I absolutely would love to have you join us!

I promise you we're going to have the best, Christmassy, beast mode, I'm so ready for 2019!!! I am a super hero now I have been on this retreat - time! lol

Here's the link to sign up!

See you there!

Rayna x