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Stop comparing yourself to other artists!!!!

Dear Artist,

Never do this! I don’t care whether they’re the same age as you, younger, look like you, from the same town or background, making money, gracing the press or collecting awards, the time and energy you spend watching their every move and lamenting over their success is energy stolen from your own creativity. Plus it never feels good right? When I was a child I of course loved watching TV and my dad would say “have you done your homework yet” “Not yet” I’d say “I want to watch TV” and he’d say “Those actors have already been paid, you haven’t so get to it” 😳😂 That really stuck with me so I have a great work ethic now and it’s easy for me to keep my eyes on my own path but I know sometimes artists struggle with comparisonitis. No one can do what you do so stay in your lane! You can catch up with what everyone else is doing when your work is complete!

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Rayna x