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Love yourself

Valentine's day is looming!

For some of you you might be like - "Ugh, so what?!"

Others may be looking forward to exchanging gifts with your significant other on the day.

The most important relationship we have however is with ourselves.

If you don't love yourself, it's very difficult to receive and receiving is the key to successful manifesting!

Self love means paying attention to your needs and honouring them. Eat better, sleep more, exercise enough, healthy self talk, receiving compliments with grace! Self love means knowing that you are worthy and deserving of all that is good.

If you find the idea of self love irksome - ask yourself why that is?

Try and do one loving thing for yourself every day and reward yourself for doing so. So for example I might say "You know what I need to eat more fresh fruit because I know I eat too many potato chips" So I could make a commitment to myself that for the next 7 days (we have to start slow and realistic sometimes right?) I would eat one piece of fresh fruit. On the 7th day I would say "Well done Rayna, you're amazing"

What one thing can you commit to doing over the next seven days as an act of self love for yourself?

Don't forget to praise yourself at the end of the seven days if you're successful and hey if you're not, still praise yourself for trying!