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Be careful what you wish for!

Dear Artist,

It might have been sometime last year or even what felt like an ongoing request - but at some point you asked for change. For things to be better. To go to the next level. And you were waiting for all these amazing opportunities but instead you’ve received a series of unrelenting challenges that you definitely do not think would be going on this long. These challenges have been hard, tough, pushed you past your limits, broken your soul, let up then hit you hard again. You’re done, can’t take no more, wonder why no one else seems to be suffering but remember you asked for this. This is refining you, building you up, preparing you for greatness. You’re going to help someone else going through this one day, you’re gonna teach this, this is your art, this will make you money, enable you to heal others.

It’s hard, I know, but you’re better now than you were 6 weeks ago and

in 6 weeks you’ll be even better!