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The importance of allowing

Allowing is one of the MOST IMPORTANT components in successful manifesting but boy is it the hardest.

We make it hard because we get SO FIXATED on the thing we want or how it should show up. This is actually a sure way to invite in disappointment and frustration, so here are some things to consider:

1) What if while you were so adamant that you wanted a specific thing that you blocked something else you could have that was even better than what you were wanting? (True story!!!!)

2) What if there was a right time and a right place for everything and that timing and place was perfect? (Another true story!!!)

3) What if your imagination was limited and if you let go, allowed yourself to receive the best thing for you it blew your mind when it showed up? (Yep, another true story!!!)

Letting go is key!

Trust that the Universe/God always has better plans for you and will bring you exactly what you need at the right time!!!!