March 11, 2019

Procrastination is either two things:


1) Fear that what you want won't happen so subconsciously you procrastinate as a way to protect yourself.


2) Overwhelm at the task at hand so you procrastinate to save yourself pain.


To remedy this ask "Why am I not doing (The thing you have to do) is it fear or overwhelm?


Allow yourself to feel the answer.


If it's fear you need to console yourself - Start by saying - "It's safe for me to (do this task) repeat it over and over and feel it into your body until you begin to relax.


Here's an example - You're an actress with a ton of lines to learn but you're not doing it because subconsciously you think - "Gah I'm not gonna get this role anyway so....."


Say to yourself over and over "It's safe for me to book/have this role"


If it's overwhelm - so you're an actress again and have the part, you love the job but are not learning the lines, then simply break up the big task into smaller manageable tasks. You could say "I have 30 pages to learn in two weeks so I will learn x pages a day" That will start to calm down the part of you that is freaking out.









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