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Satisfy your craving for creativity

I was recently interviewed by Amanda Schmidt of Snappy New Day Art on her podcast for a new series she 's hosting 'Satisfy your craving for creativity'. This is for everyone who never has time to explore the creativity within. We spoke about how making time to be creative has positive effects on our well being and you can catch the interview with myself and a host of other creatives by signing up using the link at the bottom of this email.

In our busy, jam packed lives, we all love our free time, don’t we? We look forward to it all day or all week, RIGHT?

But be honest…

When was the last time your free time involved something BESIDES vegging on the couch, watching Netflix, and mindlessly scrolling social media?

Do you spend hours pinning arts and crafts projects that NEVER get started? Were you the artistic or crafty one as a kid, but got too busy ADULTING to make time for making things?

Or maybe you have ALWAYS wanted to try something artsy, but have NO IDEA where to start?

Could you use a little inspiration?

Want to discover your OWN expressive and creative outlet?

If you’re ready to find out more about how to inject color and creativity into your off time, then listen up!

SATISFY YOUR CRAVING FOR CREATIVITY is a free, online interview series. Each episode of the series will provide insight and inspirational stories that will forever change how you perceive YOUR CREATIVE SELF!

Focused on helping you add joy, color, and happiness to your off time by discovering your OWN expressive outlet.

I’m so excited to be talking to an incredible lineup of artists, creativity coaches, and makers from all walks of life!

From learning about new kinds of art to building a plan to make time for creating, SATISFY YOUR CRAVING FOR CREATIVITY will be just what you need to start your art!