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Signs of the land!

One of my favourite metaphysical teachers is Florence Scovel-Shinn. She is the author of a book called The Game of Life and how to Play it! If you haven't read this gem of a book on manifesting I implore you to read it.

One of the things she talks about in the book is looking out for signs of the land when manifesting. Signs of the land are little pointers that show up to let you know you're on course to receiving your desires.

I'll give you an example from my own life. I had auditioned for a BBC drama that was being filmed in South Africa. I was in the queue a few days later at the supermarket and the two women in front of me were discussing a trip they were preparing for to guess where? Yep, South Africa!!!

The next day I was on the tube and opened the Metro Newspaper and British Airways were advertising their latest deals to Cape Town and Johannesburg!!!!

The final sign was I was queing for the cash point and a man and his son were in front of me, they were South African!!!!

Each time I got a sign I got excited! I would think "oooh a sign of the land, a sign of the land"

Two weeks later I got a call from my agent to say I had booked the job!!!

So look out for signs of the land when manifesting. Sometimes you'll get them, sometimes you won't, acknowledge them when you do and don't worry if you don't !