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Why you may not be getting what you want!

Isn't it the worst when you have wanting something for YEARS!!! and it still hasn't shown up?!!!!

If that's you, here's some reasons why!

1) You don't believe you deserve it!

If subconsciously you don't believe you deserve to have the thing or that you're not good enough, it won't come. Really check yourself for this one because it's a common one!

How do you feel when you think about the real possibility of having it? Look past the initial "I want it" and dig deeper. Do you believe it's really possible for you?

2) You're not in the alignment of having it.

Similar to the above, if you are wanting it but have thoughts like "It's not likely to happen" "Everyone else is doing well but me" 'Just my luck" then somewhere in your energy system you don't believe you can have it.

3) You're not ready for it.

Sometimes we think we're ready but we're not. Stuff like anxiety, bad reactions to criticism, fear, ill health, emotional behaviour impedes our growth and expansion.

4) You can't be bothered to take inspired action. Somethings manifest easier than others. Sometimes before we get a thing we do have to take inspired action some of which may be out of our comfort zones. If you don't put in the work you may be sabotaging your own receiving.