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Watch your words

Sometimes I coach clients and we'll have a really lovely, positive session. I'll clear all their blocks and set them on the path to manifesting but then I might notice that they are posting negative stuff on social media. Stuff that goes against what we have cleared in our sessions.

If you're manifesting a career as an actress but then posting about how working class or black actors or female actors never make it, that kinda goes against our work.

Now yes if we look at society we can see that those demographic groups get a rough deal, but my work is not focused on that because focusing on that won't get us where we want to go!

I have given interviews on diversity, I acknowledge the problem but I always turn the conversation round to what to do to overcome those challenges.

We have to focus on ourselves as artists, drop the limitations society and the world places on us and focus on what we want to create. This includes social media and getting hooked into the conversations around us that might have us go from feeling like a rock star to feeling like you don't have a chance in hell!