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Self tapes and green cards

So I spend quite a lot of time preparing scripts for self tapes. My agent probably sends me roughly 5 a week. All sorts of projects. Its getting fairly common to audition this way and so I thought I’d better expand into the energy of embracing and loving them. I found, however that I wasn’t booking anything and so I soon formed this point of view 'I never book jobs from self tapes'.

Last autumn my agent then sent me one for a popular Netflix Show that is filmed in the US and I heard myself thinking – "Oh hell no, there is no way that they will pick me from London to go and do that in the US when they have a ton of actresses in the US already". When I realised my thoughts I was like – "Whoa wait a minute – Girl this is what you teach so why aren’t you taking your own advice?

So not only did I have to change that story – I never book from self tapes, I also had to fix the root of that belief, and change my energy to match the new belief.

Guess what happened?

The following week My agent told me I had been pencilled for the role! You can imagine how I fist pumped the air with joy, then the bad news! I couldn't find my green card!!!!! The job would have meant working in the US for 8 months. Without a green card it was just not happening. So I booked a flight to the US so that I could sort out my lost green card. It was a painstaking process and took much longer than I had anticipated and even when I had gotten all the paper work in place I then had to wait several months to see if they would replace it.

Fast forward several months and my new green card has just arrived in the post this morning! Yay! But what a great example of what happens when you shift your energy!

We can block our receiving capacity by telling ourselves old stories based on expired experiences.

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