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I booked three jobs this week!

A lot pf people think doing mindset work means that you have to be constantly happy. I booked three jobs this week after having two weeks of poo poo.

I had a cold, I was exhausted, and the detoxing from eating raw was uncomfortable at times.

Because I’m a master at mindset work I know not to fall back into my old energetic ways but to use negative circumstances and feelings to propel me closer to what I want to happen.

I remember I’d always ask people "please can you ask so and so to see me, read my work, put a word in for me".

I’d get the meetings and appointments but nothing would every transpire. I had doubts about the quality of my work, tinged with projecting – "I know nothing will come of this as usual out into the universe".

Mindset work deals with many things - thoughts, beliefs, emotions, points of view, negative experiences and traumas and that is why The Career Reboot programme is 12 weeks, we as humans have a lot of stuff to clear.

But know this...

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live!

(I live in a tiny village in the Countryside and I’m originally from Manchester)

It doesn’t matter what age, colour, accent, background you’re from.

It doesn’t matter what you look like physically.

It doesn’t matter if you feel like you should be way further ahead than you are or if you think its too late for any thing big to happen in your career now.

It doesn’t matter if nothing ever changes.

What matters is that you are open to believing in yourself, in the magic of the Universe and in the adage that to get different results you have to try something new.

There’s one week left to jump on board The Career Reboot. There is a fabulous group of artists signed up and rearing to go already, we have actors, writers, filmmakers and practitioners.

I would love you to join us.

This round is going to be exceptionally potent! I can feel it.

I have two payment plans also if you need to pay in installments.

You’ll always be supported and fully respected, that’s the type of people I attract!

Ready to grab the rest of 2019 by the horns?

Jump on board!

Cart closes Friday 31st May at midnight!

Go to the link below