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Mindset work to reach your goals

Mindset accounts for 80% of your success. Rewiring your mindset to align you with your goals is essential for seeing progress in your career. You have to work on your mindset DAILY!

I notice whenever I don't work on my mindset things start to slow right down. Mindset work is a part of my daily routine, even more important than brushing my teeth. It sets me up for the day, aligns me to my goals, attracts amazing opportunities and people, builds up my confidence and dissolves my fears and inadequacies.

If you're not working on your mindset daily I implore you to start and if you're inconsistent with it, know that your results will be inconsistent. Make a commitment to start over today and watch your life change!

What is mindset work I hear some of you cry?

It is setting your mind on things that are congruent with what you wish to have in your life. Now the mind is complex so discipline is required to get it to conform with our vision. But mindset work is fun and exciting and when you see the thing you have been wanting appear in your life because you cleared the blocks that were holding it back, raised your vibration and magnetized it you become obsessed with the work, like I do and all the clients that work with me. It becomes a part of your life and as you integrate it you'll wonder why on earth you didn't know all this stuff earlier.

I took last week off. I was finished. I had been working with my clients on The Career Reboot, prepping the retreat, filming a short film and my characters role was intense as well as prepping for my trip abroad and all the work that entails. I gave myself the entire week off, off from everyone, off social media so I could relax and reset.

How often do we tell ourselves there is no time to rest? I knew if I didn't burnout would become real. I've been there before and its not pretty. I didn't worry about mindset work either in this week off because it is more important to honour your bodies needs. Our bodies are always talking to us and if we also honour them they will also help us manifest the things we want and as I honoured my body, surely but slowly all the wonderful things started to flow in again.

Me at home feeling all rested and refreshed after taking the week off!