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IGTV and working with me

I finally set up my instagram TV channel and I'm having a blast! Every day I post a little video (around 3 minutes) to help guide and motivate my artist crew!

Are you on Instagram? My insta handle is @flow_coaching_for_artists - would love you to join the party!

While I was launching the last round of my programme The Career Reboot a few artists expressed interest in joining the course but it wasn't the right time for them financially or timing wise and wanted to know when I would be running my programme again.

So here we go:

The next dates for the Career Reboot are

7th October 2019

3rd February 2020

I always promote the courses a few weeks before the start dates so if you have been wanting to do this course, you have lots of time to get prepared.

I also do mini retreats and the next one I am planning is going to be Sunday 8th December. I'd love to do another one sooner but I just can't fit it in this year.

And currently I'm running coaching sessions for £ 99 throughout July and August. In these sessions we look at what you are trying to achieve, I find out why you're not achieving it by looking at your energy system and subconscious beliefs, we delete all the crap and then I realign you to what you want.

To book one of those just drop me an email at

Can't wait to work with you at some point.

Have the best week and remember how brilliant you are!