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Step into future you now

Who do you want to be?

What does the future version of you look like?

Step into that version of you and be that now!!!

We only have the present moment in which to create our reality so we always create in the present tense!!!

I often get my clients to watch what they say after the words 'I am'. I am is the point of creation. Whatever you don't have in your life that you want, start creating it by stating - I am, I have etc etc

Easier said than done if your circumstances are less than favourable and have been for a while, or if your mind just won't cooperate with you! Resistance can appear in the form of limiting beliefs, negative feelings or memories. You have to clear these limitations before you can focus on the creation of what you want.

There are a plethora of ways to clear blocks, EFT, NLP etc, in Flow I clear clients blocks energetically. It's a process that I've been using for years because it clears the blocks instantly and gets your energetic system and consciousness harmonious with what you want. Always find the ways that work best for you!!!

So back to being what you want now. What have you been asking for that hasn't shown up yet?

Start being, feeling and having it now, in the present and remind yourself to stay in the excitement of that as often as possible, before you know it you'll start to see evidence of it coming into your reality!

Hope that helps!

Have a great week!

Rayna x

I remember I had a strong desire to be interviewed. I'd never been interviewed about my work as an artist and I would watch artists get interviewed and think, wow I'd love to be out there talking, schmalking. So I would pretend that I was being interviewed using a can of deoderant as the microphone, I had fun playing with my little make believe dream and about a year later, I got the lead role in a movie and I started doing press interviews left, right and centre. Now doing press interviews is a regular part of my life.