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Stay in your lane!

It is so easy to look at other people in your industry and feel that they are doing better than you. Maybe you feel that they are being given more opportunities, more recognition, more exposure, more money.

Take your eyes off the competition and focus on you!!!

You are unique and your art deserves the fullest attention.

We are all on different timelines here.

One way doesn't suit all - who came up with the universal measuring stick anyway! That stick only exists if you want it to.

I got married in my 30's, by that time most of my school buddies had been married for years and had families of their own. There was never any point that I felt pressure to follow suit. I decided that after University and drama school I wanted to go travelling and see the world, I was not ready to settle down at all. When I got back from travelling I knew that I loved acting but I also started exploring other creative disciplines, I always followed things that made me feel happy and fulfilled.

I met my husband in my early 30's. It was the right time in my life and I was ready to settle down.

There is so much pressure on people to have this or have that. Social media is not helping. I can't tell you how many times I hear people lamenting 'I'm not doing great because I'm not going on as many holidays as so and so or I don't even have one designer handbag and she has millions, or her career is amazing and I am barely getting by'

My first response is always how do you know how people acquire things? Credit cards exist, so does debt! Many people may spend fortunes on designer brands and put less love into their homes, they may travel ten times a year but not spend a thing on personal development! We all have things we favour! I spend my money on education! I am always buying books, hiring coaches or signing up for courses and these things ain't cheap but I love to excel in life and as a coach and facilitator I need to always be in the expansion of learning so I can pass on the relevant knowledge.

What do you spend most of your money on? Often when you think about this question and realise it pays your mortgage and bills, or allows your children to flourish and prosper or feeds that luxury candle obsession (guilty) you have or that love of great food you can't live without you'll see that you're actually doing amazing!

Stay in flow. Honour your own talents and abilities and take inspired action to move towards your version of success. It's no ones business how or when you get there. Promise me you will enjoy this adventure we are so blessed to have called life. Life is full of possibilities and miracles if you are open to receiving them, tomorrow is another opportunity for the most amazing things to happen to you!

Rayna x

My husband Jordan and I on the train on the way back from a film festival!