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It's the 31st December and you're looking back over the year at all you have achieved!

What achievements bring you the most joy?

Ok, prioritise that, set goals, break them down into monthly, weekly and daily tasks. Make it happen!

I do this exercise often to keep my tush in the fast lane! One of the things I had down was spend more time on my writing. I thought at the end of this year I want to be able to say I finished my play, that would make me feel really good and like I have accomplished something!

Well now that play is going up as part of a showcase of New Writing at The Critereon Theatre in London's West End on the 1st November! I am so excited and feel like I can tick that off my list.

Was it painstaking getting the play written at times? You betcha but I kept thinking at the end of the year I will be so happy if I get that done and that motivated me mostly.

What can you get done? What do you want to feel good about this Dec 2019?

If you don't, no one else will. It's not too late!

Rayna x