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Are you in flow

Recently I spent a whole week feeling low. I just couldn't shift it. I felt exhausted, had too much work on and barely wanted to interact with anyone and of course this mood affected my manifesting.

So what's best to do when you get hit with the blues?

I honoured it. All day, everyday I kept asking myself, what would feel amazing to do next?

Sometimes it was eat chocolate (naughty I know) sometimes it was take a bubble bath, sometimes it was sleep, sometimes it was read. I just followed what felt good. When I had energy I ramped up the mindset work and by the end of the week I was feeling back to my normal self again.

When I checked in with myself I realised I was out of alignment. I was out of alignment because I was being impatient, resentful and fearful. Whoa, so out of flow. I gently bought myself back to a place of complete trust and realigned with 'all is well, good things happen every day'

So today, ask yourself 'What feels amazing to do next? Honour it and follow the feelgood to get you back to a place of magic and miracles!