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Your self worth and your income

You can only receive what you believe you deserve!

If your income doesn't reflect what you believe you should have check in with your self worth!

What do you believe about yourself?

How much are you willing to receive?

Do you believe you are worthy of success and wealth or do you feel icky when you receive large amounts of money and success.

A lot of clients I work with have the limiting belief 'I'm not good enough' and it presents itself in one way or another. During my courses and retreats we work to get rid of this limiting belief so that they can go forward and feel confident in themselves, know they are worthy and deserving of success without sabotaging it or making themselves sick.

So check out how you feel about yourself and then think about where these thoughts and beliefs might come from. Childhood is normally a good place to start!

Once you shift the 'I'm not good enough and I don't deserve block, you'll see your income level rise!