It's your time to Shine.
Transform your Career and Money!
One day Mini Retreat for Artists, Creatives and Business owners.

How are things going for you?

  • Are you achieving your career goals? 

  • Are you making a shit load of money from your art or business? 

  • Are you feeling fabulous?

  • Do you feel satisfied with the progress you've made this year?

Perhaps you're feeling... 

  • Disillusioned,

  • Exhausted,

  • Frustrated,

  • Apprehensive about the year ahead 

  • Wondering if things will improve, stay the same or get worse!

Maybe you feel slightly hopeful. Maybe the second half of 2019 will bring you more luck.

But can you really afford to leave it to chance?

What are you going to do differently that you haven't already done?




Imagine living your dream life as an artist, creative or business owner -

  • Working on amazing projects you love,

  • Working consistently,

  • Travelling the world to share your art, creations, products and services

  • Receiving recognition and great pay for your creations and contribution,

  • Working with the best in your industry,

  • Being an influencer and being asked by establishments and institutions for your opinions and advice on being an artist, business owner, creative

  • Feeling very satisfied with your career and business

  • Not feeling as though you are behind but feeling that you're exactly where you should be with more exciting collaborations on the horizon!

During this mini one date retreat I have created for you I will share techniques and hacks that I use daily to create my career and income so that you can shift into the artist you want to be and have the career you desire.


You will leave the retreat feeling super excited about how to achieve your goals. You'll also feel lighter and have more awareness from dropping your subconscious limitations, as well as being more focused, confident and energetically aligned to the frequency of success.

This is a retreat like no other designed to shift and reset the energetic frequencies of 10 artists. Now if all this energetic alignment malarky sounds a little out there for some of you let me explain what this really is....

Our lives are a reflection of our subconscious beliefs or our mindset.

Once I figured this out I was able to change my subconscious beliefs and create the life and career that I wanted.

This was not the case some years ago. I used to get depressed and fed up because I would work as an actress about 6 times a year, I made my income from temping jobs and couldn't figure out why I wasn't further on in my career. I was positive (well most of the time) and when I wasn't I blamed the industry, competition, the economy and even myself.

Mostly I auditioned and got great feedback but something was amiss. Each new year I'd say this is it, this is my year and by  mid year I'd be trying to work out what else I could do aside from art. I'd start writing scripts and determine I'd make my own work but to be honest that wasn't really what I wanted (funnily enough it is what I want now) but what I wanted was to work in TV and film, to travel, buy a house, have money, eat out, own a car, contribute and just be fabulous. This is my life right now and it keeps getting better because I make mindset work my number one priority.


Mindset work is choosing who you're going to be, deciding and choosing how you want your life and career to show up, getting rid of your negative thought patterns, sabotages and limited ways of thinking and stepping into a new way of seeing things. There's nothing scary or weird about it, it's very simple yet extremely powerful. I do mindset work every single day and it creates a continuous flow of the life I want to live and the money to live it.


I'm sharing some of my most powerful mindset practices.

Actors, business owners, painters, writers, singers, dancers, creatives, self employed are all welcome.

If you are self employed and want to see bigger and better results - this is for you!!!

You'll get the opportunity to step away from the noise, hustle and bustle - and be guided by me as I support and guide you into unlocking your true potential and stepping into the artist you were born to be. No excuses.

I will guide and facilitate you from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave. 

It'll be a fabulous day - I love hosting! Just call me Marta Stewart!! You'll have time to relax, unwind, laugh, cry, refresh, rejuvenate and get energized so that you can step into life ready, powerful and open!


You'll eat amazing food,  connect with other artists, explore a bit of the local area, relax into deep and wonderful meditations, release old baggage in a powerful energy alignment session, be facilitated by me to realign your career energy and money vibration and receive hands on healing to help remove any limitations you may have.


Plus you get email access to me for a week after to ask any questions you may have that come up for you while you are assimilating everything.

I can only have 10 people on this course so that everyone has time to be facilitated and shifted by me. 


  1. Sure! You'll arrive at 9am where you will meet all the other participants and have breakfast.

  2. We'll then start facilitation - this is where I will work on all of you to see what your subconscious blocks and limitations are and remove them. 

  3. Once they are removed I will guide you in a meditation which will help you release them and shift the way you see things, this is crucial for attracting success.

  4. We'll have lunch! I love food so you won't be disappointed.

  5. Then we'll take a walk in the local area where we will continue realigning and choosing what you want as I show you how this works in real life so that you get real results.

  6. We'll come back and have tea and cake before we do a hands on healing session which is designed to shift negative thought patterns. We'll assimilate the work with sound healing and there will be a chance to ask any questions you may have before we end the retreat.


You'll leave feeling relaxed, positive about the future, rejuvenated and determined.  

You'll then have a week's worth of access to me should any questions or thoughts come up after the retreat.

The cost of the retreat is £149.

Includes a week of email support from me. I look forward to working with you!

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