Chris Noth - Actor, USA

If you want to clear the shit out of your head that stops you moving forward. Work with Rayna!

Carol Russell - Screenwriter, UK

Every artist should take the time to push the re-set button and doing it with Rayna will blow all the cobwebs out and give you the tools to keep going even after the course has stopped. The support form Rayna and the other artists on the course has been mind-blowing. I would recommend Flow to any artist who feels stuck.

Tasharelle  Jones-Hoyes  Actress/Writer/Performer, UK

The Career Reboot is an amazing course. If you have been following Rayna for sometime and love her videos she does on social media or if you are a first time visitor on her page and you are interested in what she does and thinking about doing the course. Don't think, just do it!!! The more you think, the more you will end up talking yourself out of it. This course will help and improve you as a person, for you to do this course you HAVE to be open. Open to share, open to receive, you are opening yourself up to growth and change and for you to become a better you in every area of your life. If you are worried about paying it all in one go don't be. Rayna, knows and understands that we are all at different stages in our lives financially so if you want to, you can pay it off in instalments. I Guarantee you, you definitely get what you pay for because you are learning things that you can do for the rest of your life.

Ella Martines - Actress and Theatre Practitioner - Brazil

Rayna is one in a million. A real treasure. Rayna is charismatic, supportive and is excellent at getting the best out of you. On top of that, she is warm, loving and knows her stuff really well. She truly enjoys motivating and empowering people. It comes natural to her. Flow is an amazing course not to be missed. It rejuvenated me and it made millions time more confident about myself and my art. It was a great opportunity to find out some things about me I didn't even imagine. 

Elizabeth Boag - Actress and Producer - UK

Rayna’s 21 day course was brilliant. I felt refreshed and inspired within a couple of days of starting. It was super helpful having a daily message from Rayna keeping me focused. I recommend it to anyone wanting to live a fuller, happier, more creative life.

Marlisa Doubell - Actress and Producer - South Africa/UK

Rayna is incredibly intuitive and her course has blown my mind with breakthroughs and changed my entire life! I

have done it twice and each time I have grown exponentially as a person and expanded further in my career!!! Rayna has wisdom beyond her years and fully understands the human condition. I highly recommend this beautiful course.

Noorafshan Mirza - Visual Artist - UK

Whatever stage in one's creative journey I would totally recommend Rayna Campbell's Flow course, I am 20 years in the game in my artistic practice and this workshop came just at the right time for me! I felt guided and supported to go deeper and tackle the things I was feeling but not ready to do by myself! She is a wonderful artist and mentor.

May Nunez - Producer - Los Angeles

FLOW For Artists, 21 Day Course is literally what I've been needing to get me to the next level in my career. I always struggled with following through with my projects up until the very end. Not just finishing the project itself but also finally putting it out into the world. Feeling as though my art was never going be enough to get me to the next level.


As children we were taught to think that only, Doctors and Lawyers or anyone that learned some sort of job outside of our art and unique gifts could truly ever bring us the financial security we always dreamed off, hence the saying "Starving Artist".


FLOW helped me embrace the artist in me and find the courage to believe that yes, my art is worth every penny and more of what my money goals could ever be, because with art you give a piece of your soul. That's why people pay a lot of money for a rare painting or an amazing script.


Since doing the FLOW program,I have completed 20 short episodes that are part of a new children's you tube channel I will be launching by the end of this year! I have never felt more confident and inspired with myself and my work.

Thank you Rayna!!!!

Katie Kensit - Actress, Writer and Communications Coach - UK

I have loved doing this 21 day inspirational course. It has provided great motivation through the exercises and techniques suggested and I feel ready for action and excited about my creative life.

Rayna is a natural presenter very warm and likeable, her honesty coupled with her natural pace and style make the course very easy to follow and relate to.

Maria Bavio - Actress - UK/South Africa

I have done the Artist Retreat & 'one-on-one' coaching with Rayna and the work she does is absolutely mind blowing.

Not only does Rayna provide a safe & warm environment, she also gives you these amazing tools which help you feel empowered even after the course has finished and she continues to support you every step of the way.

The breakthroughs and shifts are instant, not without doing the work of course, and even though you are exhausted afterwards you can feel you have had major energetic blocks lifted and you are ready to face life/dreams/challenges with excitement and curiosity.

I highly recommend the work she does! She is an inspiration and a true light!

Sally Cancello - Actress and Writer - UK

Rayna is brilliant, she is so dedicated to helping artists go beyond any blocks they have to be able to achieve everything they want in their career and life.

Thank you for your openness, inspiration and huge commitment to each and every one of us.

Katy Dowd - Actress - UK

Rayna has a great understanding of energy work and what is needed to create your dream life/career. She's brilliant at identifying blocks and removing them, leaving you the space to create anything you want! The course is fun, supportive, challenging and inspiring and will massively support you in whatever you're creating!

What Past Participants are saying about the course.

I love getting these emails every day! It inspires me so much.
I am so proud of all of them for their beautiful work, energy shifts and progress!! 
Can't wait to kick off the next round in autumn 2018!

Hi Rayna,

I did the money video last night and I must say that money has been flowing much better this week!

I have to say your course is soooo great!! and I am loving it, but OMG! it is also pretty darn hard going lol. It's a course for warrior/healer artists lol.

I just want to say how much I am enjoying and benefiting from your flow coaching, I'm finding it really motivating at a time when I really really need this!!!

OMG let me tell you how you’ve lit up my morning.

The minute I decided I was a writer and was going to write, every thing changed my mood lifted and I have been typing out all my poems and organising the paperwork everyday this week.

Three of my shorts were picked by BFI Northern talent exec. It went well, the shorts were well received and it was great to see the audience's reaction. A few people came up to me and said they loved them. I also won the main prize in the raffle.

I did the money assignment and suddenly I got loads of role-play work!

Hi Rayna,

So first, I got a call to say I have an audition tom for a commercial! So, something shifted today!

I love this!💞

I wanted to write to you and say that your assignment has been so helpfullllllll for me burning through a block.

This kinda course and help is amazingly helpful to people.

How you described the difference between self esteem and self worth was like a bullet to the brain, I had never had that awareness as you put it across, so clear before.

what you are introducing is something else!!!