The Career Reboot 

An 8 week Mindset transformation and Energy healing programme for Artists, Creatives and Performers who want to have the career of their dreams now  


If you want to clear the shit out of your head that stops you moving forward, work with Rayna!

Chris Noth - Actor and Producer 

Starts Monday 2nd November 2020



  • Are frustrated with your career progression.

  • Want to make a consistent and healthy income from your art.

  • Want to be visible and high profile.

  • Need to get rid of the shame, blocks and limited thinking holding you back from getting to the next level.

  • Need fast results!

My name is Rayna Campbell and I work with artists, creatives and business owners from all industries - actors, directors, producers, talent agents, curators, visual artists, sculptors,  practitioners and business owners. 

I help them go from frustrated, fearful, invisible and inconsistent to high vibe, money making, opportunity grabbing, visible beings who make a big impact in the world with my powerful 8 week programme. In turn my clients get the yeses they desire in their careers and businesses, delete negative thinking patterns, uplevel their mindsets and start to earn a healthy income from their art.


  • Stepping up into the next level of your career.

  • Eliminating the feast and famine cycle that many artists and freelancers complain of and making a fabulous income from your art and creativity.

  • Attracting consistent work, clients, commissions, bookings and funding for your projects. 

  • Creating life changing art and showing up in front of your ideal audiences.  

  • Stepping out of resistance, shame, competition, fear and lack so that you feel fulfilled, supported and happy as an artist.

  • Becoming the visible and celebrated artist you know you should be.

This is what we focus on in The Career Reboot!

What you get: 

  • Powerful tools and techniques to bust through your limiting beliefs, fears and traumas in order to help you to create a strong mindset which will in turn have a positive impact on your career, finances, your art, creativity, audiences and your joy.​

  • Life transforming assignments each week delivered by video and PDF so you can access them anytime, anywhere.   

  • During the programme you will receive e-mail coaching from me as we go through the assignments together. 

  • Weekly live clearing calls to blast away your most sabotaging and reoccurring blocks.​​

  • ​Lifetime Access to the course and any updates!!!!

This is for you if.....  

  • You've already have had some success but are ready to take it to the next level and beyond.

  • Feel frustrated with trying and applying and not getting real or impactful results.

  • You struggle to get motivated to create your work.

  • You have a day job that is getting in the way of your creativity.

  • You feel shame at the lack of money, success and progress you have after all the effort you've been putting in. 

  • Know that you have stubborn blocks getting in the way of your potential but you're not sure how to get rid of them.

  • Are sick of work and money coming in dribs and drabs.

Can you really help me Rayna? 
 Yes I can, because I have been there. I read every book on manifesting there was, changed my representation umpteen times, I went to every course, conference and class and still I wasn't making the traction I wanted in my career. The work I was getting was random, unfulfilling and I certainly wasn't making a living from it. As I got older I felt sadder, depressed, anxious to the point of making myself sick, yet I could not imagine doing anything else apart from being an artist. I knew deep within I had what it took to have the career I was dreaming about in my head but the way things were going it was looking very unlikely I would actualise it into reality.


This course is designed to address, look into and resolve all of these issues. Think of the course as a hacking system designed to get you to where you want to be quicker. You can network, strategise, EFT tap and chant all you like, if your mindset ain't right and you don't know how to create what you desire you won't see results. Similarly if you have blocks that you're not aware of, all the affirmations and goal setting techniques in the world won't lead you to the Promised land.

Think of your mindset as your internal hard drive. When its's overwhelmed with bugs, viruses, outdated software, a full recycle bin, it doesn't work as efficiently as it's supposed to so negative thoughts, beliefs, judgements, points of view, sabotaging behaviours, traumas and memories can hinder our progress in life. There are tools you can use to get rid of bugs and viruses, update outdated software and programming so that things run faster and more efficiently - this is what I will teach and facilitate you with throughout the programme.


All I require is for you to show up fully, be prepared to immerse yourself deeply into every assignment, spend time doing each assignment properly from a place of honesty and implement what you learn consistently all while having fun, being creative and being supported by other brilliant artists.


Now when I say assignment, don’t go thinking I’m expecting you to produce essays and dissertations, the assignments are fun videos designed to teach you how to manipulate your energy and mindset to attract the life and career you want, Rayna style!

Since applying the techniques I teach in the course to my own life,

I ....

  • Went from a gap of six years of ZERO work to now working consistently as a full time artist.

  • Received private funding to make my first feature film and have just been offered investment for my second.

  • Received a development deal from ITV for an idea I made up in literally two minutes.

  • Received development funding from Film London for another feature film. 

  •  Went from representation that got me six auditions a year to now having the best representation   ever - Auditioning three to four times a day is my new normal as is working as a full time actress - consistently.

  • Booked the title lead role in a movie that opened in competition at Berlin Film Festival and won acting awards for best actress.

  • Went from feast and famine with my income coming from non art work to now receiving consistent money only from my art. 

  • Travel all around the world to work on and share my art.

  • Frequently sit on panels and jury's to help other filmmakers.

  • Finally feel fulfilled as an artist and creative.


Part One

In these assignments we clear out all the physical, emotional, hidden and subconscious crap, blocks, traumas and memories  that are keeping you stuck, fearful, playing small and not being the artist you know you should be. We look at things like shame, self sabotaging, family and ancestoral imprinting and mindset loops.

Part Two

In these assignments I guide you through potent mindset hacks, tools and processes that will propel you towards the first class lives and career you want to create. 

Part Three

In these assignments you will learn processes that will transform your energy in seconds to help you attract all the things you want in your life as an artist/creative - money, consistency, acknowledgement, courage, fulfillment, visibility, growth and expansion.


​But is this really for me I...

Don't have the time.

This course is designed for the busy artist. Most of my clients who do my courses are busy working professionals. The course is delivered by video and the videos are no more than ten minutes long. The videos explain the issue offer the solution and then you're given an assignment to complete so that you can overcome the problem in your personal life and career. The assignments are easy to follow and totally self explanatory and you can do the assignment in your own time.

Every Sunday we all jump together on a call to discuss your progress on the assignments and the calls are recorder in case you can't make them. You'll see that most of the artists on the call often have similar issues as yourself so we cover all of this on the call. And during the course you can email me if you need more help/explanation.


Can't afford it.

I have a couple of payment plans to help if money is super tight and we cover money in the assignments to help get your income flowing and healthy.

Am not sure that I'll see results

I work with my clients as a whole, mind, body and soul, to get them in alignment with what they want. It's a very practical course and covers many aspects of your life because you need to integrate your mindset, physical body and action to achieve your goals. If you want something different you have to do something different to get the results you desire.

Go to the testimonials page on this website to read some of my past clients reviews of my courses. 

Am not at all spiritual

You don't need to be to do this course, you just need to be open to approaching your career and business from a different perspective.

Your thinking mind is extremely powerful. Have you ever experienced anxiety or fear? Anxiety and fear are triggered by the psyche, and the smallest things can trigger these very powerful reactions. We deal with the psyche during the course also known as the mindset because if that is working against you it makes it difficult for you to pull in the results you want.

You get

Fast results.

A new mindset to steer you towards the success you crave.

Tools and processes you can use for life use to have your dream life and career.

8 weeks of support and accountability to align you to your goals.

Increased income from your art and business.

More clarity and confidence in your career and work.

Tools to unlock your most stubborn blocks.

Lifetime Access to the course and any updates!!!!