The Career Reboot


High Acheiving Artists

If you want to clear the shit out of your head that stops you moving forward, work with Rayna!

Chris Noth - Actor and Producer 

You’re a high achieving artist.

You know you have the talent needed to get to where you want to be.

You have big dreams for your career.

Big goals for your life.

You’ve spent money on courses, books and teachers but you are not breaking through!

You’re in the right place. Read on!


Starts Monday 2nd November 2020



The Career Reboot is not a program, it’s a way of life!

It’s designed for artists who want to radically transform their careers and do what the industry says is impossible.

It is an ever evolving, living, breathing hub of transformation, awareness, growth, answers, advice and live support, taking you from limited to limitless.


The Career Reboot covers all aspects of you and will provide you with everything you need to turn your career around, impact millions, make money and attain fulfilment.


This is not for the faint hearted. This is for artists who are serious about stepping up into the next level and beyond.

If you want to have success you need to get out of your own way!”

Rayna Campbell


· Do you want to be high profile and visible?

· Does the money you make from your art reflect the amount of effort you are putting in?

· Do you feel like you get the small jobs when you know you are capable of doing the big, high profile, well paid ones, consistently?!

· Is your current career unfulfilling?

· Do you have blocks and limiting beliefs that are hindering you from being all you can be?


· Have you lost faith in having a successful career as an artist?

What happens when you join the Career Reboot?


You will discover everything that is keeping you from having the success you desire.

I will show you what blocks you have that are hidden in your subconscious – self worth, imposter syndrome, shame, sabotage. I will teach you how to find these blocks for yourself and how to get rid of them so they are out of your way.

I will dissolve all the fears and trauma you have. I will dissolve all the childhood memories keeping you from being magnificent. I will teach you how to align to the vibration of success, magnetise success and create consistent success so that you have a bulletproof mindset.

The result is that you have a career that is rewarding, fulfilling and pays you the money you deserve.
























  1. We work together for 8 weeks

  2. You will receive three modules a week.

  3. These modules (Video and worksheets) are designed for busy, working artists like myself and provide you with rapid transformation. In total 24 potent, life changing and actionable modules.

  4. You can access these modules anywhere in the world at any time as long as you have a cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

  5. You will get Private one to one E-mail coaching from me.

  6. You will have weekly goal setting and realignment.

  7. You will have an exclusive accountability partner to keep you on track.

  8. You get 8 Live group coaching, Q and A and energy clearing calls.

  9. All calls are recorded in case you miss any. These calls will blast away your most sabotaging and reoccurring blocks.

  10. You will receive a variety of energetic tools and hacks to help you manifest like a pro and learn how to keep a consistent flow of work, money and opportunities coming in.

  11. You also Bonus assignments, Lifetime access to the program with free lifetime updates and Access to my secret address book of energetic helpers.


· Breaking through your limitations and blocks

· Boundaries

· Stepping out of your self judgement

· Making a ton of money

· Deleting your fears

· Dissolving your trauma and emotional scars

· Obliterating childhood and family programming

· How to get from where you are to where you want to be no matter how old you are, what experience you’ve got or what you look like

· Dropping shame, competition, repetitive rejections and hopelessness.




What you get: 

  • Powerful tools and techniques to bust through your limiting beliefs, fears and traumas in order to help you to create a strong mindset which will in turn have a positive impact on your career, finances, your art, creativity, audiences and your joy.​

  • Life transforming assignments each week delivered by video and PDF so you can access them anytime, anywhere.   

  • During the programme you will receive e-mail coaching from me as we go through the assignments together. 

  • Weekly live clearing calls to blast away your most sabotaging and reoccurring blocks.​​

  • ​Lifetime Access to the course and any updates!!!!



As you know we are in the middle of a global pandemic which has significantly impacted our industry. Here are some of the results my artists have achieved since the pandemic began!

The artists I work with send me what they are manifesting and creating for themselves each week.



  • Teaching Residency and artists residency in Pakistan


  • Booked high paying commercials


  • Tons of Recalls


  • Got a Recommendation from someone high up at BAFTA got in contact to help find an agent


  • Booked a national radio interview, a National broadsheet feature and a TV commercial


  • Booked a Guest starring role in ITV series Viewpoint


  • Overcame fear and writers block and new book is in flow


  • Self worth dramatically increased


  • Abundance flowing and money coming in this week


  • Received $36,000!!!


  • Keep receiving daily abundance


  • Recurring role on Pandora for the CW


  • Centre page Press about new business venture in independent Life magazine


  • Received a book deal!!!


  • Received two paid invitations to screen feature film


  • Booked a short film


  • Bagged a new job


  • Booked 3 new acting jobs this week!

  • Nominated for a BAFTA award for screenwriting!!!


  • Bagged a new A list Hollywood Agent!


  • Overcame her imposter syndrome and sabotage issues.


  • Did money module, model agent gets in touch right after to do a casting

  • Down to the final three for a BIG money job!


  • Booked a recurring role in TV role in Vikings spinoff show Valhalla

  • New business venture set up during lockdown was featured in Forbes magazine!




Claire is an amazing artist. She joined the Career Reboot because she was not attracting the type of work she wanted and work wasn’t consistent enough for her. Here’s what she has to say about the Career Reboot.


“Oh my am I so happy that I have taken the Career Reboot two times now!


I am so thankful for Rayna’s course as it has changed so much for me- it made me believe in myself again and gave me my confidence back, made me happy in the present and more excited for my future, and reminded me that I have so many different options of how to achieve success.


The Career Reboot taught me that abundance is a mindset that I can tap into now and do not have to rely on outside sources for, as well as how to be in flow, trust the universe that what is meant for me is coming to me, and how to allow myself to receive things on a larger scale. Rayna is an expert and knows what she is talking about, and I am so excited to continue taking the future rounds of the Career Reboot"



Since Claire joined the Career Reboot she has all the tools she was looking for to create the kind of career she knows she was born to have.


Here are just some of the things she has received over the last 6 months:

  • Booked a modeling job for Vanity Fair featuring Rolex watches


  • Offered a modeling job for Lafayette 148


  • Got an influencer collaboration with an Australian company that sent her a couple pairs of Dior sunglasses for free!


  • Consistent income!!!!!


  • Got an influencer collaboration with Naadam (luxury cashmere sweaters) and they sent her 5 cashmere sweaters for free


  • Booked a virtual modeling job to shoot 4 outfits for a fashion line at home


  • Got asked to speak at an online virtual modeling workshop for young girls and is being paid for it.


  • Got accepted to an additional model agency for parts modeling (She now receives even more income for this in addition to her regular modeling income.


  • Taking part in a upcoming fashion designer showcase hosted by British Vogue.


  • Booked Modeling jobs for Neiman Marcus, Hunter Bell, Kashiyama NYC, Shuba Magazine, Vanity Fair Magazine, Cotes London, Liverpool jeans and Ming Wang knits


  • Spirit Halloween and Kashiyama - a Japanese suit brand and booked a $2000 a day job!


  • Manifested 3x more the amount of money that she set out to manifest.






You do the work I give you and you will see results!!!!



Kiersten is another amazing Artist, no strike that, she’s a mogul.

She joined the Career Reboot to get rid of the mental blocks that were holding her back from breaking through to her next level of success.

Here’s her video testimonial








Kiersten has since been featured in Forbes with her new business venture that she set up with her business partner during lock down,  increased her income, moved across state, busted through a ton of blocks and is currently filming her new show!


Are you ready to join us for this last round of 2020?


Ready to stop hoping things will change and actually take the actions you need to to change things?


Ready to stop using the same old excuses as to why you can’t do anything about your situation?


Then click below


We start Monday 2nd November!



Remember to get results you’ve never had before you need to do something you’ve never done before!




Part One

In these 8 assignments we clear out all the physical, emotional, hidden and subconscious crap, blocks, traumas and memories  that are keeping you stuck, fearful, playing small and not being the artist you know you should be. We look at things like shame, self sabotaging, family and ancestoral imprinting and mindset loops.

Part Two

In these 8 assignments I guide you through potent mindset hacks, tools and processes that will propel you towards the first class lives and career you want to create. 

Part Three

In these 8 assignments you will learn processes that will transform your energy in seconds to help you attract all the things you want in your life as an artist/creative - money, consistency, acknowledgement, courage, fulfilment, visibility, growth and expansion.


Don't have the time.

This course is designed for the busy artist. Most of my clients who do my courses are busy working professionals. The course is delivered by video and the videos are no more than ten minutes long. The videos explain the issue offer the solution and then you're given an assignment to complete so that you can overcome the problem in your personal life and career. The assignments are easy to follow and totally self explanatory and you can do the assignment in your own time.

Every Sunday we all jump together on a call to discuss your progress on the assignments and the calls are recorder in case you can't make them. You'll see that most of the artists on the call often have similar issues as yourself so we cover all of this on the call. And during the course you can email me if you need more help/explanation.


I Can't afford it.

I have a couple of payment plans to help you if money is super tight and we cover money in the assignments to help get your income flowing and healthy.

I Am not sure that I'll see results

I work with my clients as a whole, mind, body and soul, to get them in alignment with what they want. It's a very practical course and covers many aspects of your life because you need to integrate your mindset, physical body and action to achieve your goals. If you want something different you have to do something different to get the results you desire.

Am not at all spiritual

You don't need to be to do this course, you just need to be open to approaching your career and business from a different perspective.

Your thinking mind is extremely powerful. Have you ever experienced anxiety or fear? Anxiety and fear are triggered by the psyche, and the smallest things can trigger these very powerful reactions. We deal with the psyche during the course also known as the mindset because if that is working against you it makes it difficult for you to pull in the results you want.

You get

Fast results.

Tools and processes you can use for life use to have your dream life and career.

8 weeks of support and accountability to align you to your goals.

Increased income from your art and business.

More clarity and confidence in your career and work.

Tools to unlock your most stubborn blocks.

Lifetime Access to the course and any updates!!!!